• Waiting Areas
  • Treatment Areas
  • Patient Areas
  • Exam Rooms
  • Café/Dining


Uplifting environments linked to promoting healing.

Healthcare delivery cannot be separated from its settings. Environment plays a huge role in the successful treatment of patients. Every space design decision we make from furniture to architectural products has direct impact on the patients, visitors and those who work in the health facility.

We understand the complex relationships that exist within healthcare systems—from patient and visitor comfort to staff attraction and retention, . We create adaptable, comfortable and ADA compliant healthcare settings that enhance administrative, clinical and healing spaces.

Hospital environments are under constant change. EPA studies show every square foot of healthcare construction creates double the debris, dust and other waste compared to commercial construction. We offer modular wall and floor systems created specifically for healthcare settings that eliminate construction waste and provide the flexibility to respond to the needs of today and tomorrow.


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