Getting a big corner office may no longer be the ultimate mark of success—today’s workplaces are open spaces, with less hierarchy and more emphasis on collaboration. Traditionally workspace was designed to increase productivity and efficiency of an individual, but today having the flexibility to work from various locations throughout the day is increasingly more valuable across every business sector. The number one word to remember when it comes to modern office design is collaboration.

Instead of breaking up spaces into individual offices, workspace is getting redistributed into individual spaces and private enclaves called “I” space or shared spaces called “WE” spaces. Employees can choose to “Own”, “Lease” or “Rent” depending on work tasks, project timing and other requirements.

Managers and employees need flexibility and control over where and how they work, offering them multiple venues to collaborate for group work or handle focused, individual work in quiet. This range of space needs to work harder and smarter than ever before, often serving multiple purposes. Less space per person can mean more effective space for everyone.

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