trategic TargetStrategic Workspaces is the leader in prefabricated architectural products for interior spaces, while offering a full range of furniture solutions. Masters in the art of change, we create environments that are functional, flexible and adaptable to the evolving demands of customers. We have successfully completed many large and complex projects for our Boston-based customers as well as their locations worldwide.

We help our clients align their workspace with their business goals. Importantly principals are involved with every client engagement. We start by listening to your needs and observing your workspace in action. We strive to understand business objectives and maximize workspace potential.

Our staff has decades of experience creating, implementing and delivering client-centered architectural product and furniture solutions. Collaborating with you, we’ll ensure your furnishing decisions seamlessly integrate with your culture, technology, brand and budget requirements. Our systematic process connects the physical work environment with business objectives in order to create high performance spaces for today — that will allow you to thrive tomorrow.

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