Today’s managers find that employees don’t have to be sitting at their desks to be productive. Instead, today’s workforce is much less tied to permanent office space, but what they really need are touchdown spaces.

Touchdown spaces allow virtual staff and even small teams to “rent” or “lease” space for short periods of time based on time and requirements. These spaces can be as simple as a table employed as a substitute for an office and may include a few basics like a chair, telephone and Internet access Above and beyond the basics, the individual leasing the space will supply any other items needed, such as printers, pencils, notepads, and other tools common to an office environment.

Another common usage of a touchdown space is for staff from other divisions to use while in town for a short period of time. Rather than working in the hotel room, they will rent a desk for the duration of their stay. Doing so allows the person to maintain a connection to the organization culture and support.

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