• C-Level Interviews
  • Key Stakeholder Interviews
  • Business Goals
  • Scope & Budget
  • Project Timeline
  • Space Objective
  • Work Modes
  • Adjacencies
  • Space Implications
  • Work Settings


Fit the workplace to the work, not vice versa. The nature of work has changed considerably since the first cubicle was introduced in 1968. Today’s workplaces call for flexibility in work styles, collaboration and technology, as well as ease of adaptability and expansion.

Our job is to help you align your workspace with your business goals. Initially we facilitate a series of interviews with both management and key workspace stakeholders to determine the purpose of work environment in relation to business goals on growth projections.

We actively participate in planning and project meetings—adding value every step of the way by identifying and bridging the gaps between space requirements and business objectives. Whether you are trying to evaluate possible new sites for your office or just need to reconfigure or refurbish existing furniture, we can help.

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