ICE Vision


  • Interactive 3D Walkthru
  • True Object Oriented
  • AutoCAD Interoperability
  • Realtime Changes
  • Manufacturing Details
  • Single Data Set
  • Data Driven
  • Java Based
  • Infinite Configurability
  • Design Intent Driven

ICE is a single software platform providing a fluid flow of information, from design
and point-of-sale to the manufacturing floor and all the way back to the client’s
financial system. ICE does the work of multiple applications in one digital package,
helping to eliminate the need for paper.

For other software solutions to achieve even some of ICE’s capabilities they must
use a combination of multiple applications such as; design software, configurator,
specification tool, drawing tool, rendering software and reporting tools. The transfer
of data from one application to the other being time consuming, cumber some,
inaccurate and ultimately: costly.

ICE software frees designers to focus on form and function without being product
experts. ICE empowers clients to make decisions without having costly mock-ups or
show suites. ICE instantlyproduces pricing, parts lists and shop drawings while
eliminating human error and maximizing budgets.


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